Nvidia RTX4080

NVIDIA introduced the new GeForce RTX 4000 series graphics cards, which players have been waiting for a long time, at the GTX 22 event held on September 20. Based on the Ada Lovelace architecture, these new devices promise much higher performance than their predecessors. However, the fact that the RTX 4080 model has 2 different versions received great criticism. Therefore, NVIDIA has decided to change the name.

Instead of NVIDIA RTX 4080 12 GB: RTX 4070 Ti has arrived!
3 new graphics cards were introduced at the NVIDIA event. These are RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16GB and RTX 4080 12GB respectively. But the fact that it is launching 2 new models with the same name backfired on the customer side. Especially the difference in performance between the two was not welcomed.

Because although their names and designs are exactly the same when viewed from the outside, the performance difference in games and tests can reach up to 30 percent. So people said that one of these two cards should have a lower level designation, or the other a Ti-like high level naming.

On top of that, NVIDIA suspended the release date of the model with 12 GB of memory. The 16GB version, as expected, will go on sale on November 16 with a price tag of $1199. According to the information revealed today, NVIDIA has a card called RTX 4080 Ti ready.

Therefore, the suspended model will be available under the name RTX 4070 Ti. It is estimated that the price will remain as first announced and will be $ 899. Its features are as follows:
Features RTX 4070 Ti RTX 4080
CUDA number 7680 9728
Clock speed 2.31 GHz 2.21 GHz
Boost clock speed 2.61 GHz 2.51 GHz
Memory 12GB GDDR6X 16GB GDDR6X
Bus 192 bit 256 bit
Ray tracing cores 3rd generation 3rd generation
Tensor cores 4th generation 4th generation
Highest resolution 7680 X 4320 7680 X 4320
Monitor support 4 4
TDP 285W 320W
Recommended PSU 700W 750W
Price $899 $1,199